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Please view our admissions 常见问题 relating to measures in force due to the virus outbreak >

进入MSt是有竞争力的, so we advise candidates to apply at an early stage of the admissions cycle – which typically runs from September to March. 如果你正计划申请资金,这一点尤为重要.

申请在滚动的基础上进行审查, 通常情况下,你应该在8周内收到面试邀请. 然而,你可能会在招聘周期结束时收到推荐一个正规滚球网站的消息.


  • 申请的要求以及每个要求的详细信息
  • 如何申请(通过继续教育学院(ICE)申请人门户网站)
  • 推荐一个正规滚球网站收到你的申请后会发生什么.

Minimum requirements


Professional experience

Applicants should have at least two years’ full-time or equivalent work experience (excluding vacation employment and internships during the course of their undergraduate degree).

Undergraduate achievement

至少获得二级甲等学位或 来自海外机构的同等标准.

English proficiency

如果你不是来自 一个列表 国家 or 您还没有完成为期三年的连续学习 一个列表 国家 that finished no later than two years before commencement of your programme at 剑桥, 你可能会被要求参加雅思考试, 托福考试, CAE或CPE测试来证明你的语言能力.

申请前不要求你参加语言测试. If you receive a conditional offer, we will inform you of whether you are required to take a test.


雅思最低总分7分.5, with not less than 7.0 in each element
托福考试 internet-based test (iBT) minimum overall score of 110, with not less than 25 in each element
CAE A级或B级(至少193分)
CPE A、B、C级成绩(不低于200分)

Skills and competencies

有雄心并愿意努力工作, 以及表现出的对社会创新的热情和/或能力. 良好人际关系的证据, 沟通和团队合作能力, in addition to numeracy, 解决问题及推理能力.

All applicants will need to give the details of two referees who can provide references written in English. 理想情况下, 推荐一个正规滚球网站希望看到一个学术 参考 和一个 专业 参考.

Internet access


Detailed requirements

认识到社会创新发生在所有部门, MSt的目标人群是非政府组织的企业家和中高层领导, 公共机构和私营机构.

You must have completed an undergraduate degree in a UK University with at least a good 2:1. 如你在海外取得学士学位,请参阅 在大学网站上的等效指南.


Applicants who do not meet the University minimum entry requirements can be considered by the admissions committee but, 他们应该被推荐吗, they will be asked to take a GMAT/GRE test and show evidence of ranking above the 50th percentile in each of the elements of the test. 在你正式网上申请之前,没有必要参加这个测试. If you require one, we will let you know either at interview stage or when an offer is made. 请注意,如果你没有达到英国2:1或同等学历的最低学术水平, it is advisable to make an early application to the course in order to allow sufficient time to prepare and take a GMAT/GRE test. 

  • GRE(研究生入学考试)
  • GMAT(通用管理入学考试)

该课程的申请人需要英语流利. If English is not your native language 你可能会被要求参加雅思考试, 托福考试, CAE or CEP test. However you don’t have to include your English language test scores with your initial application documents; they can be forwarded on later in the process. If you are made an offer, one of the conditions of entry will be getting the required standard of language test score.

Whether or not you have to take a language test set will depend on a number of conditions, 包括你的国籍和最近学习的课程. 检查您的语言要求 在大学的网站上.

View the latest University guidance for applicants regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak其中包括参加语言测试的建议.

We understand that many applicants have been out of the formal education space for a considerable amount of time. 如果是 的情况, 推荐一个正规滚球网站将接受两名专业人士的推荐信. As a guideline – we would expect at least one academic reference if five years or less has passed since graduating from your last academic course.

When you are completing the online application form you will be asked to provide the details of your referees, 包括他们的电子邮件地址. 然后,你可以通过在线申请表格将推荐信发送给你的推荐人. 推荐人通过推荐一个正规滚球网站的在线推荐人门户网站提交推荐信, 提交后会通知您.

You should check that you have the correct email addresses for your referees and that your referees are happy and able to provide a reference for you. 机构电子邮件地址优先. 其他电子邮件地址也可以使用, 在应用阶段是充分的, 但是,当推荐一个正规滚球网站提出报价时,推荐一个正规滚球网站需要采取额外的步骤来核实这些证明人.

Application stages



  • 找出他们的两个推荐人
  • 写一份兴趣陈述(不超过1500字)
  • 选择自己喜欢的大学.
  • write up a summary of 研究 interests and intended topics (no more than 3000 characters)*
  • 准备申请费用**

*The summary of 研究 interest and intended topics should describe current interests related to social 创新. 在这个阶段,不需要正式的研究提案或研究评估.

**There is an application charge of (GBP sterling) £75 per application (unless you are from a 国家 which is eligible for fee waiver). You can make the payment by providing your card details to our secure server when you submit your online application. 有关申请费用的更多信息,请浏览 大学申请费页面

所有推荐一个正规滚球网站的学生也是学院的成员. This is a requirement. 应用程序 for membership will be done on the applicant’s behalf by the programme team after a conditional offer has been issued. To inform this process applicants are asked to select their two preferred College choices from a drop-down menu in the online application form. 请注意,有些大学不接受兼职学生.

Ahead of making a final decision on College choices, applicants should consult the programme’s 收费及融资网页 because in order to apply for some of the 学生hips certain colleges need to be picked as first choice. 大学的事实和数据 也可以在研究生招生网站上查询.

一旦招生团队收到申请和支持文件, the applicant is notified if she/he has been shortlisted for a video interview with the Programme Director. The purpose of the interview will be to further gauge the candidate’s suitability for the programme.

The Admissions Committee submits the outcome of their review of your application to 推荐一个正规滚球网站佳奇管理学院’s Degree Committee for approval.

当申请人成功, the Registry Manager of the Institute of Continuing 教育 will issue a formal offer letter. 该课程的录取通知书往往带有附加条件. These might be financial (proving that the applicant has the funds to needed to pay for the programme), 语言相关(证明申请人的英语语言能力熟练), 和/或学术(提交原始文件). It is the applicant’s responsibility to meet these requirements and provide the necessary evidence.

这是申请过程的最后阶段. 一旦你满足了所有条件,拿到大学录取通知书, 你将会被告知你可以在学年开始时开始你的课程. At this stage you can start making arrangements such as visa (for residential weeks only), travel and accommodation.


While this programme is entirely delivered by 推荐一个正规滚球网站佳奇管理学院 staff and associates and on School premises (where practicable), applications are administered by the Institute of Continuing 教育 (ICE) in the first instance.


在ICE网站上可以找到MSt申请指南. It is worth taking the time to read the instructions carefully as any mistakes in your application may make it invalid and delay the application process.