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推荐一个正规滚球网站教授的核心课程确保学员理解他们运营一个组织所需的不同商业学科. 它们涵盖了通常作为MBA课程一部分教授的全部科目.


本课程帮助学员理解组织在做出实际财务和投资决策时所使用的概念和技术, 使用真实的商业例子.


Participants also develop a basic understanding of risk management, asset valuation, mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring.

公司治理是高管需要理解的一个重要话题. 它涉及组织的所有权、控制和问责问题.

This course examines the role of governance, 治理改革的理由,以及涉及收购等问题的伦理问题, mergers, auditing processes and shareholder engagement.

Participants are taught to understand the roles that boards, shareholders and other stakeholders play in corporate decision making, that they can then relate to their own organisations. They also explore key pressures for reform in governance standards, 并探讨企业活动对企业的伦理影响, 个人及社会价值观.

会计知识对于理解任何组织的财务业绩都是必不可少的. 本课程的主要目标是帮助没有会计学术知识的学生成为财务报表的知情使用者.

The course enables participants to understand, 记录并呈现经济信息, 在培养批判性分析和解释会计数据以用于管理决策之前.


国际商务课程以国际商务学习之旅的形式进行,所有课程的授课都在旅行期间进行. 本课程涵盖国际化战略,包括企业国际化的原因和方式.


Learn more about the 国际商务考察

这门课程为学员提供宏观经济学的入门知识. 目的是向与会者提供充分的背景资料,使他们能够对宏观经济推荐一个正规滚球网站和政策作出判断. 这包括他们可能对组织的影响,以及跟随和理解宏观经济和宏观经济政策的非技术评论的能力.


本课程探讨管理者如何使用科学建模来测试他们的商业直觉和对复杂问题的理解. 然后探讨如何使用简单的模型来沟通企业上下的业务洞察和决策.

参与者学习如何绘制组织绩效的驱动因素, and how to communicate and manage uncertainty in an organisation.

In order to compete successfully and thrive, 组织必须不断适应新的市场需求和新技术. However, 创新一直是首席执行官在其组织中面临的主要挑战之一, leaving them vulnerable to losing competitive advantage.

本课程旨在让学员在实施创新方面形成自己的观点, 探索企业如何在数字时代重新定义自己,以及可以用来支持创新目标的框架和工具.

市场营销是一个管理过程,它的最终结果是以盈利的方式为顾客创造价值. 它不仅仅是一个“做营销”的团队,而是管理一个组织的重要组成部分.

The course covers the role of marketing as a process, 它如何帮助一个组织的生存和增长,以及如何制定营销计划, 随时间执行和评估.

参与者获得发展和沟通策略所需的技能, 分析客户和竞争对手,在全球范围内建立强大的品牌.

本课程的目的是为您介绍微观经济学中与管理特别相关的部分. 这是一门基础课程,旨在让你从经济学的角度看待这一主题, 你将在EMBA课程的其他部分遇到的概念和分析工具.

涵盖的主题包括价格理论, the firm, market structure, game theory, transactions costs, market power and externalities and the environment.

Relationships are key to business success, yet they are fragile. Good management, 一个人的生活和职业生涯, 需要一套独特的关系技能:分配价值的能力, 发现创造价值的机会, 有效地处理分歧, 规避或解决冲突, to be seen as fair and objective and to manage difficult conversations.

The course provides strategies and tactics to succeed in all types of negotiating environments; drawing on case studies, 角色扮演和真实世界的经验,以帮助发展所需的技能,成功和自信地管理谈判过程.

一个组织的大部分人员和资产通常都用于过程——随着时间的推移能够可靠交付的系统活动. 从市场营销和销售,到财务和人力资源,公司的每个角落都受到流程的影响.

The goal for participants, in taking this course, 理解运营经理可以使用的不同手段来有效地管理供需吗.

Participants are taught to understand different kinds of processes, 认真地检查他们,并提出提高他们工作效率的建议. 这一学习将确保参与者理解供应链管理和过程协调所面临的问题, 以及它对关键运营决策的影响,如收益管理和产品开发.

Can you motivate your employees without using formal authority? 你能说服你的同事并让他们接受一个新的商业理念吗? 你能根据员工的不同需求调整你的领导风格吗?

本课程探讨了这些以及许多其他“人员管理”问题的答案. 它旨在增强参与者对组织内人们行为的理解,以及如何影响和管理这种行为,以实现组织绩效的最大化.


Participants learn how to develop, evaluate and implement organisational strategy, 涉及解决战略困境的框架,以及如何使战略活动保持一致以获得竞争优势, 在其他学习成果中.

Electives let you broaden your experiences, 关注自己特别感兴趣的话题, and tailor your EMBA to your specific needs.

研究对象每年都不同,选择这些研究对象是为了最好地补充每个组群的利益. Electives undertaken by past cohorts include:

  • 快速的策略,内部企业家精神 & Business Instinct
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • 从大草原到会议室:决策的进化根源 & Leadership
  • Finding Customer Insights & Staying Customer-Focused
  • 如何创办科技公司
  • Innovation Management: The Secret of Growth
  • Project Finance: Innovative Techniques in Valuing & 为大型项目筹措资金
  • Strategy & 资讯时代组织
  • Changing the Game: Business Models, Marketing Strategy & Innovation
  • Global Energy Security
  • Philosophy in Business
  • 战略绩效管理
  • Understanding Consumers: Using Psychology to Build Brands & Increase Profits
  • 风险投资,私募股权 & Acquisitions
I had to pick just two electives when I was doing the programme, 之后,其他参与者对他们所修课程的反馈也很多. I felt I’d really be interested to do some of those courses myself, and when I came back this year I was able to do the 快速的策略,内部企业家精神 and Business Instinct elective.
Shiri Gold, Senior Engineering Manager, Imagination Technologies

Electives for life

EMBA毕业生每年可以回到剑桥修读一门选修课. 选修课一旦确定,就会向校友分发选修课名单.

这是校友了解最新研究和思想的宝贵机会, 与以前的同学联系,并通过EMBA校友网络建立新的联系.

António Horta-Osório, Lloyds Banking Group

António Horta-Osório speaks to Executive MBA participants and alumni, during electives week, about Lloyds Group’s strategy in recovering from the financial crisis.

I consider myself a manager specialised in the banking sector. And therefore, 我相信商学院在培养人的领导力方面有很大的作用, 从大局来看, in terms of strategy, which people do not learn in their roles in the companies.

Focusing on the customer

Well, 我对劳埃德的愿景是,让劳埃德恢复几年前的样子——一家专注于英国、同时专注于零售和中小企业的银行, not on investment banking or international areas, 它将成为一家简单的、低风险的、完全以客户为中心的银行. 过去的银行已经忘记了他们的基本功能,那就是专注于他们的客户. And together with that, 他们在风险方面变得更加宽松, 他们还没有解决多年来建立的高成本基础和几次收购的问题. And that’s exactly what we are trying to change at Lloyds. 所以推荐一个正规滚球网站绝对以客户为中心. 推荐一个正规滚球网站正在简化银行, 从客户的角度来看, 为了节约成本, 推荐一个正规滚球网站可以和客户分享的, therefore, 为他们提供物有所值的服务, which is what any company does in any other sector.

比其他任何公司都多的银行, 鉴于银行与所在社区之间的紧密联系, has a very special responsibility for their communities. 尤其是在英国, given the support that banks received from taxpayers, 责任甚至更高. 我确实认为,一个强劲的经济需要一个健康的银行部门, and a healthy banking sector requires a strong economy. 因此,两种未来是不可分割地联系在一起的. 劳埃德银行是英国最大的银行, 零售和商业银行在这方面负有特殊责任.

The importance of communication during change

Communication is critical. I mean, 你可能沟通了很多,但人们总是认为你沟通的比你应该的少. And when you are on a turnaround situation, you even have to communicate more because things are changing. Everything is new, and people normally – they don’t like change. 人们不喜欢改变. It 's normal. 推荐一个正规滚球网站喜欢生活有规律. 所以,当你要改变一家大公司的时候,你需要更多的交流.

这就是为什么我每年都会立即组织一次有5000人参加的大型会议. I do an off-site with the senior leaders three times a year. I do several town halls. 我每个月都去分行. 我和顾客一起吃早餐. 我一直在沟通,因为作为银行的领导,我的职责就是告诉他们, 尤其是在这个大变革的时刻, where the direction is what progress has been made, 短期目标是什么. Very important for them to see and understand where the bank is going.

对劳埃德非常有趣的挑战,你把它——这就是吸引了我很多劳埃德除了它是英国最大的零售银行和中小企业是复杂的任务,因为推荐一个正规滚球网站仍然有不同的和相互冲突的优先级. 推荐一个正规滚球网站必须以银行发展的方式来管理整个过程, 随着时间的推移,处理所有这些优先事项和不同的利益相关者. And I’m very proud about the progress the bank has been making, 但我不想听起来自满,就像我在这所大学的演讲中所说的那样.

Driving down costs to provide value for money

We have a lot more to do. 推荐一个正规滚球网站还得处理好遗留问题,推荐一个正规滚球网站的非核心资产. 推荐一个正规滚球网站仍然必须实施推荐一个正规滚球网站的战略计划,并在不久的将来收回纳税人的最后一部分钱. And at the same time, 推荐一个正规滚球网站正在简化银行业务——这是该计划的核心部分——并无情地降低成本,以便为人们提供更物有所值的服务, which is the aim of what a commercial retail bank should do, which is day after day, client per client, product per product, providing better service and value for money for customers. 所以推荐一个正规滚球网站在旅途中. 推荐一个正规滚球网站已经走了很远——可能比推荐一个正规滚球网站想象的要快——但推荐一个正规滚球网站一点也不自满. And we’ll continue as a team to work relentlessly in this direction.

Leadership and teams

I think that in banking, 也许与其他领域相反, the managers of the banks are people that came through the ranks, 从一个技术职业, from their success in their technical career, became managers. And I strongly believe that to lead the bank, like any other company, 你应该有管理技能, 和管理能力. And I myself do not consider myself exactly a banker. I consider myself a manager specialised in the banking sector. And therefore, 我相信商学院在培养人的领导力方面有很大的作用, 从大局来看, in terms of strategy, which people do not learn other roles in the companies. And I am a strong believer that you should differentiate, as I told you, the technical career from the management career. 在管理生涯中也是如此, 在银行或其他公司, business schools – their role is absolutely crucial.

Well, 我个人的经验是,这需要在沟通方面付出不懈的精力和动力,并带领该行在困难时期朝着同一个方向前进, 带领你身后的团队, that you should not think that you can control everything. There are always factors beyond your control. 所以有时候你可以采取中间策略,但你不能绝对走直线. 最后一点是,你必须做的——我一直在努力做的——就是吸引最优秀的人才,并以身作则,领导他们, creating great teams because great teams is, in my opinion, the real, 作为一家服务公司,银行可以为可持续的未来创造巨大的竞争优势.