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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) admissions related FAQs

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The pandemic and related social distancing and travel restrictions are impacting the daily lives of most around the world.

推荐一个正规滚球网站CJBS社区的人, 从感兴趣的候选人, 录取的学生, 目前的学生和校友对他们与CJBS的互动可能会受到怎样的影响有疑问.

Here we answer some common questions:

Travel, quarantine, and visa questions

Please 查看英国政府的建议 定期,以及在旅行前,因为这些指南可能会改变. 确保你有足够的资金和时间来遵循指导.

Please 查看英国政府的建议 定期,以及在旅行前,因为这些指南可能会改变. 确保你有足够的资金和时间来遵循指导.

你是否需要隔离取决于你是从哪个国家进入英国的. You will also need to have been vaccinated as part of an approved vaccination programme in Europe or the USA (not all are recognised in England). Learn more on the UK Government website.

如果在某些情况下你不能及时到达剑桥开始你的课程, 然后尽快联系你的招生团队进行讨论.

The full-time programmes are full-time, 而且你必须一直在剑桥.


Under current guidelines, you do not need a vaccine to enter the UK.

If you are a full-time student, 当你到达时,你应该按照指南向全科医生注册.




目前还没有强制要求接种疫苗. 如果政策改变,推荐一个正规滚球网站将通知新生.



你的MBA或金融硕士将在2021/22学年亲自交付, 辅以广泛的数字资源和预备学习.

在过去的12个月里, 推荐一个正规滚球网站已经加快了改组和更新许多核心课程和选修课的方案. 甚至在COVID-19, our students were asking us to make changes to focus the in-person teaching on the more interactive elements of the programme, such as debates and discussions, 练习和案例研究, 以及思想的交流.

推荐一个正规滚球网站已经做出改变,使更多的讨论为基础的教学在更小的小组. 推荐一个正规滚球网站的学生和教师发现这对于学习和参与是非常有效的.

对于更适合自定进度学习体验的课程元素(例如, some of the more theoretical content), we host high-quality digital and pre-recorded ‘on demand’ content on our ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ web portal. Students are expected to engage fully with the wide range of content through self-directed study as well as group work, 为面对面的课堂讨论做好准备,并从中获得最大的收获.

These methods are not new to CJBS students: we are experienced in developing and delivering a full range of content and teaching styles, 有了兼职, 高级工商管理硕士(emba)等混合硕士项目, Master of Account, 社会创新和创业学硕士学位.

As we ease out of restrictions during 2021, we can continue this evolution to enhance our student-centred approach to course design and delivery. 这将强化推荐一个正规滚球网站强大而独特的小团体教育理念, 研讨会式的讨论和辩论,推荐一个正规滚球网站的学生和教师之间. 这是一种教学驱动, CJBS的长期策略是优化学生的学习成果.


Executive MBA

该大学希望所有emba学生都能亲自参加课程, 除非旅行限制, 包括隔离或自我隔离要求将阻止您这样做. 如果你因为这些原因不能去剑桥, you should inform the EMBA Programme team.

因此,如果你能够参加住宿周末,你将有完全面对面的教学. 如果你因为旅行而不能去剑桥, quarantine or self-isolation restrictions, you will join your stream via Zoom. You will then be able to listen, 和你在剑桥的同行一样,观察讲师并与之互动, in real-time.


在剑桥的四个住校教学周, 推荐一个正规滚球网站将为那些有能力去英国旅行的学生提供面对面的教学, 并为那些没有学习的学生提供在线同步教学(通过Zoom). 所有课程将被记录下来,并可在预定的课堂时间以外观看.

高度互动的剑桥会计硕士交付方法, blending interactive classroom discussion, 小组工作和专题个案研究分析将一如既往地继续进行.

Masters in in Entrepreneurship

在两年 兼职企业家硕士 项目, there are four residential weeks in Cambridge.

由于 新冠肺炎大流行和政府指导的影响, we have had to make some changes to the programme in order to mitigate against risks to health and to give you the best possible academic experience in the circumstances.

推荐一个正规滚球网站继续监测和应对不断变化的公共卫生状况. Teaching on the MSt in Entrepreneurship during the residential weeks will be delivered by a blend of in-person and online teaching, and we will adapt our timetables, teaching methods, 课程内容和教学地点的交付实现了这一点.

The balance of the blend will depend on the stringency of social distancing and other regulations in force at the time. 在任何情况下,所有的讲座都将被录制并在网上提供. If large-scale lecturing in person becomes permissible, we will reintroduce it as soon as possible.


During the two-year part-time 社会创新硕士’s programme there are four residential weeks in Cambridge.
这些方案继续监测和应对不断变化的公共卫生状况. Teaching on the MSt in Social Innovation during the residential weeks will be delivered by a blend of in-person and online teaching, and we will adapt our timetables, teaching methods, 课程内容和教学地点的交付实现了这一点.


推荐一个正规滚球网站计划在2021/22学年亲自授课, 辅以广泛的数字资源. Please note that this will be reviewed in line with the latest public health guidance available at the time.


推荐一个正规滚球网站计划在2021/22学年亲自授课, 辅以广泛的数字资源. Please note that this will be reviewed in line with the latest public health guidance available at the time.


推荐一个正规滚球网站计划在2021/22年度亲自授课, 辅以广泛的数字资源. Please note that this will be reviewed in line with the latest public health guidance available at the time.



Yes, you need to be in Cambridge to start your programme – the 工商管理硕士和金融硕士 are both full-time, 面对面的学位课程. 你应该在你的旅行计划中留出隔离的时间, if you need to, 从你的祖国抵达香港后(请参阅 英国政府网站 to check the quarantine requirements.


Executive MBA

是的,你应该计划在剑桥开始课程. However, for those students who are not able to be in Cambridge due to circumstances outside their control (I.e. 国家旅游限制, 包括检疫限制),该计划将作出替代安排, including allowing online attendance.

Please note that you should notify the programme team well in advance if you anticipate not being able to attend in person. 项目团队将在个案的基础上审查每个学生的情况.


你应该在剑桥参加9月份的第一个住宅项目, if guidance from the UK Government and that of your own country allows it. 如果你不能旅行,你可以在线参加所有的课程.

If you have any concerns or queries, 请尽快与你的招生团队讨论.


We plan to deliver the first week of residential in September 2021 by a blend of in-person and online teaching, and we will adapt our timetables, teaching methods, 课程内容和教学地点的交付实现了这一点.


2021年的第一周是2021年12月. 推荐一个正规滚球网站计划通过面对面教学和在线教学相结合的方式来授课, adapting to the circumstances at the time.



There is the option for your offer application to be extended to the following year but this is only in extenuating circumstances. This is something to be discussed at the time of your offer and will need approval from the Admissions Committee. 请注意,推荐一个正规滚球网站只会推迟你的申请一年, 超过这个时间,你将不得不撤回并重新提交你的申请.

Executive MBA

有一个选项可以将你的申请快速转到下一年. 你将需要重新提交你的申请,你的位置将不被保证在2022年. 任何获得的奖学金及奖学金将不会结转.


对于MFin项目,可以选择将申请快速转到下一年. If you are considering this option, 你应该尽快和招生团队讨论这个问题. 你需要重新提交2022年的申请, 而且你下一年的成绩也不能保证. 任何获得的奖学金或助学金将不会结转至下一年. 请注意,推荐一个正规滚球网站将只快速处理您的申请一年.


如果你决定推迟到2022年, 请尽快与招生小组讨论此事.
你需要重新提交2022年的申请, 因为下一年不能保证有机会. All deferments are fast-tracked however. Please note that awarded scholarships and bursaries are not carried forward to the following year and would have to be applied for again.


推荐一个正规滚球网站在这个项目中不采用延期制度. 如果你被录取了,但在申请的那一年决定不接受, you will have to reapply for the following year. Please note your place is not guaranteed when you re-apply and entry criteria are likely to get stricter.


These programmes can accept online verified copies of transcripts and copies emailed directly from the awarding institutions. Please ask the awarding institution to email it from an official departmental email address to the admissions email address for your programme:

如果您不能提供这些格式的成绩单, please contact the relevant admissions office.
你可以邮寄你的证书和成绩单的复印件到商学院, however, please be aware that the admissions teams are not always working on-site due to social distancing measures so there may be a delay in these being verified. 如果你确实邮寄的话, 请将它们标记出来,以引起你的项目招生团队- I的注意.e. “MBA招生团队”

For the 会计硕士, if you’re not able to email a copy, please bring the originals with you for verification to the first residential that you are able to attend in person. They will be returned to you immediately.


Please consult the Institute for Continuing Education (ICE) website 可以玩滚球的正规app未来学生和提供持有人的最新指导:

MPhils, MRes and PhD programmes

Please consult the Postgraduate Admissions webpage 可以玩滚球的正规app未来学生和提供持有人的最新指导.

Questions for candidates considering applying

推荐一个正规滚球网站的计划为感兴趣的候选人安排定期的在线活动. 由于新冠肺炎相关限制,推荐一个正规滚球网站无法自由旅行, 但推荐一个正规滚球网站的在线活动提供了同样的内容和与员工交谈的机会, faculty, and alumni.

CV reviews

We run online CV/profile reviews for some programmes – please consult individual programme webpages to check whether the service is offers, 以及更多可以玩滚球的正规app如何提交简历和获得反馈的信息.

Visiting CJBS

Due to the current social distancing regulations, 推荐一个正规滚球网站现在无法接待推荐一个正规滚球网站贾奇商学院的来访者. 请留意推荐一个正规滚球网站的网站,推荐一个正规滚球网站会宣布学校何时重新开放.

每个CJBS项目都有自己的招生时间表. Please visit the 专门的项目页面 在推荐一个正规滚球网站的网站上查看申请截止日期.

推荐一个正规滚球网站知道世界各地都有可能影响申请者的各种限制措施. We are therefore making the following changes to our admissions requirements or the 2021-22 admissions cycle:


Where programmes require a GMAT or GRE score, you can access test centres (if they are open) and we are also pleased to accept both the GRE and GMAT home testing solutions.



Executive MBA

推荐一个正规滚球网站鼓励符合最低要求的学生申请GMAT/EA豁免. If you do not meet our minimum requirements, 但还是想申请, 推荐一个正规滚球网站鼓励你这样做, 你可能会收到有条件的EA/GMAT录取. 推荐一个正规滚球网站的招生团队将审查您的完整申请, 有实力的应聘者将被邀请参加面试. If you are offered a place on the programme, this will likely include a condition to complete the EA/GMAT before our final application deadline. We accept both EA and GMAT home testing solutions.

Master of Finance



GMAT/GRE/EA is not a pre-requisite, 但如果你没有达到最低的学术要求,你将被要求完成一项.


A GRE/GMAT score is not a requirement unless an applicant does not hold (at least) a 2:1 honours degree or an equivalent standard from an overseas institution. Such applicants will be required to take a GRE/GMAT (and rank above the 50th percentile in each of the elements of the test) in order to be considered for the programme.


如果你的成绩较低,需要有好的GMAT或GRE成绩, 同时在其他方面展示了非凡的成功.

If English is not your first language, 请参阅课程网页上列出的语言要求. 如果你需要参加托福或雅思考试,请上传你的成绩和申请.

如果您不能在申请时提供分数, due to Covid-19, 然后你就可以在没有分数的情况下提交申请了. 请联系您的课程招生团队了解更多信息. However, any subsequent interview invitation or offer will be conditional on receiving a score later.


推荐一个正规滚球网站佳奇管理学院(Cambridge Judge Business School)奖学金和助学金不受影响.

如果你要从其他来源获得奖学金或助学金, you should contact the awarding body directly.

Interviews are already offered via online methods.


在情有可原的情况下,推荐一个正规滚球网站可以灵活安排报价期限. 然而,课程的竞争非常激烈,所以推荐一个正规滚球网站并不总是能够做到. This is something that can be discussed and agreed upon at the time of offer with your specific admissions team.