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你对新的事业有什么想法吗? Or want to bring your skills and passion for innovation to a founding team?


  • 致力于让未来变得更好?
  • with demonstrable potential when applying to larger accelerator programmes?
  • with the capacity to directly explore opportunities for going to market and attracting investment?

Would you like to participate in creating a founding team built on common values and culture?

Would you value having access to a robust and supportive network in the entrepreneurial ecosystem including a peer cohort of dedicated founders?

Whatever your goals, the Venture Creation programme is all about building the people who build businesses, 将伟大的想法与令人兴奋的天才相匹配, and providing a springboard for you and your team to work towards a high impact and scalable new venture. It will also give you access to a community of like-minded individuals offering their support and shared experiences.

无论你是作为创始人还是团队成员参加Venture Creation活动, participating in the programme will develop your capacity for future innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset that will support you throughout your career choices.

Bring your ideas, passion and skills to Venture Creation and watch the possibilities emerge!

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目前没有Venture Creation活动安排.

Future events

  • Radical Materials (2022)
  • Femtech (2022)


Throughout the academic year the Venture Creation programme will consist of six cohorts. 每一组将集中于一个特定的主题或问题. 各组学生将通过以下阶段毕业.



Aspiring entrepreneurs and their ideas with be matched with potential founding team members to explore and validate the possibilities of turning an idea into a viable opportunity for a new venture. In a supportive, safe but challenging space, workshops and mentoring sessions will guide the teams through the process of capturing an idea’s potential and value. This will help the teams to develop and experiment with innovative business models and preparing their first pitch.

The weekend will end with a guided session on identifying a clear and compelling way forward for each team and team member with the identification of small but meaningful action steps.


Running once a month, the Venture Creation Labs are a mix of informal online group mentoring and face-to-face peer review sessions. These are designed to help the teams build momentum and develop the skills and networks they need.

这些实验室向所有参加过周末培训的人开放.  出席是开放的原始团队或该团队的新版本, or to individuals with a new idea that emerged from their experiences at the Venture creation event.

Diversity is key to the running of these Labs so attendees will benefit from networking with early-stage ventures across different sectors but at the same time will have access to experienced mentors with relevant sector experience.

Email [email protected] for more information.



The Venture Creation programme is about learning through the act of creating. Apply your creativity and problem-solving skills in your chosen area of expertise/interests and identify and explore the opportunities for innovation. You can then develop your own personal development programme with the support of the programme. This may include;

  • new venture creation
  • 了解你在学习和研究中的可能性
  • 确定新的研究项目
  • applying the learning to your organisation or your career search and choices.


By joining a Venture Creation cohort you will build long-lasting relationships based on common values and interests. This can lead to you being part of a founding team or on your way to finding your founders and even a potential investor.

Another possibility is that you may walk away with a job offer or consider taking up a position in a sector that you had not considered working in before.

Actually launch a business

The programme has been designed to offer the type of support required by new ventures in their early stages and to provide a supportive space in which to validate an idea and build and unite a team behind it.

Gain valuable insights

Being part of the Venture Creation programme gives you access to insights from industry experts, coaches, successful entrepreneurs and your peers to help you maximise the potential in your idea and your team.

Further information



A discounted ticket price of £80 is available for all bookings made up to three weeks before the start of the event.  

This fee includes the orientation weekend and access to the monthly Venture Labs.


为了保持安全的社交距离, 推荐一个正规滚球网站将使用圣保罗大教堂的大礼堂, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1JP. 这个空间通风良好,非常宽敞. 100% of the income from hiring fees is invested by St Paul’s into community projects that benefit the most vulnerable in Cambridge.

Non-disclosure agreement

All participants, 包括贡献者和工作人员, will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to commencement of the event.


提供茶、咖啡、水和便餐/点心. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know on your registration form.

Travel & accommodation

Those travelling from outside Cambridge will need to arrange their own travel and accommodation where necessary.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply. The terms and conditions are available on the Venture Creation event registration form. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Next event

目前没有Venture Creation活动安排.

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