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Start your entrepreneurial journey with 企业 Tuesday!

企业 Tuesday opens the door for budding entrepreneurs to the world of translating ideas into building new businesses. Our aim is to inspire people into pursuing their own entrepreneurial ambitions and help plug those already underway with their new venture creation into the 剑桥 ecosystem.

企业 Tuesday is a series of evening talks and panel discussions with tech pioneers, business leaders and experienced entrepreneurs.

Michaelmas Term: 激励

激励 – Stories (from failures to success and everything in between), experiences and thoughts from a range of speakers to capture the imagination of aspiring entrepreneurs, 提供各种思想食粮, and help broaden and enrich their outlook on what entrepreneurship can achieve.

企业家是什么样的? 企业 Tuesday 激励 series includes it all, the challenges, pros and cons, and – ultimately – why ‘the entrepreneurial life’ is a journey worth embarking upon.

  • 11月2日, Entrepreneurship for sustainability and climate change
  • 9 November - 生命科学创业 
  • 16 November - 数字革命:cryptocurrencies   
  • 23 November - 数字革命:基因组学和人工智能

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春季学期: 加速

This series focuses on practical advice to help you create and accelerate your business ideas into commercially viable ventures, 包括准备强有力的商业计划, 寻找和招募最好的团队成员, and how to tap into avenues for early-stage 资金.

  • 1 2月ruary - 命题的价值
  • 8 2月ruary - Building diverse and effective entrepreneurial teams
  • 15 2月ruary - 钱:谁拥有它,如何筹集它  
  • 22 2月ruary - 它推销:客人 音高和 法官 

See upcoming 推荐一个正规滚球网站

Easter Term: 规模

How do companies go from a few people to more than one hundred? 共同的挑战是什么? How can you prepare for scaling from the outset? In this series we hear from business leaders who are in the midst of this and those who have come through it.

  • 03可能- To be announced 
  • 5月10日, To be announced 
  • 5月17日- To be announced 
  • 5月24日, To be announced 

Each of these three stages are designed so that attendees can leave each session with a clear checklist and ‘takeaway’ of what they can do to set the ball rolling.

See upcoming 推荐一个正规滚球网站

Each of these three stages should be designed so that attendees leave each session with a clear checklist and ‘takeaway’ of what they can do to set the ball rolling.

The experience


企业 Tuesday brings together a diverse audience from our student body to the local business ecosystem and beyond.

What these audiences have in common is a fascination with the processes of entrepreneurship. Topics typically cover how to recognise a good business idea, how to build teams, 筹集资金的挑战, 还有成功和失败的故事. These are evenings where experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and practitioners share real-world 洞察力s to help others think about transforming their ideas into something real and of meaningful value.

Who is it for?


These are public talks for University of 剑桥 staff and 学生, members of other universities and the local business community. Learning through the experience of others, this series is for people who want to:

  • learn how to transform an idea into enterprise
  • find out how to begin developing their own business idea
  • build up their business understanding and knowledge
  • 发掘自己的创业潜力
  • find out more about business creation 比赛 and how to apply
  • meet like-minded individuals and find new team members
  • establish a broad network of experienced entrepreneurs and support professionals.


Talks take place on Tuesday evenings during Michaelmas, Lent and Easter Terms from 18:30-20:00.

Tickets are free.








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